Are You Ready for Dance Recital Season?

What More Can I Say?

It is mid April and and I would dare say, if you are a dance parent, you are in the throws of the highly hectic dance recital season.  Dancers who have worked hard all year are pressed to find the extra polish and pizazz it takes to finish strong in the pinnacle of their dance year (que the drum beat, bum, bum bum); the recital.

My name is Trish Nielsen and I am a dance mom of a 12 year old ballerina.  After a year of "you can do it" and other edifying antidotes of encouragement to my dancer, I think that I am feeling as overwhelmed as she is with my part in seeing her through to the finish.  And believe me - us moms do have a big part!  

I read a quote from Misty Lown that says, "Accept compliments from everyone, limitations from no one.", in her article Here is a little-known blueprint to dominate as a dancer.  What a great read which transcends your young dancer's studio life and is impactful in endeavors outside of dance as well!

And 5,6,7,8!

Here are tips to being prepared for the busy recital season that may help declutter your dancer's thoughts as she preps for the big day:

  • Stay Hydrated -  Be sure to drink plenty of water, not sugary drinks, and be sure to bring a water bottle to your rehearsals.
  • Rehearsal Schedule - Get a copy of your rehearsal schedule and make sure that mom has one too! In fact, mom will probably need more than just one reminder.  Type it in her calendar!
  • Label Everything - Be sure to label everything from tights to hair pin tins because you KNOW there is someone else with the same pair of Capezio Juliettes as you.  
  • Extra Everything - In the heat of the wings (I'm talking stage, not Buffalo here) dancers are always running their tights, misplacing their hairspray, losing bobby pins.  If your dancer is not, I can assure you someone in her company is...pack extra everything to help avoid panic before the curtain goes up!
  • The Gift - Our dancers and their teachers spend so much time together that it feels more like family by the end of the season.  You will want to plan ahead, even if your dancer does not, to avoid any eleventh hour, code red trip to the big box store to find a "perfect" gift for everyone.  There are so many options but (and here is my plug), this Etsy shop, pkTURNco, has a great selection of the perfect recital gift; designed by dancers and dance moms, for dancers!

There are so many things happening all at once during this season of the year.  I hope these tips on how to minimize stress (and the need for medication) help you and the dancer in your life, glide through all your pique turns with ease.